Patient Testimonials

I love this place, every visit feels like home. Its so welcoming and accepting. Every single one of the staff is so nice and professional. But the best part about this place is Dr. Bruce or Doc is what I call him. He feels like that Uncle that you just love visiting and being around. He is also professional and give the best advice to any situation that you're in. This place I will recommend to everyone I know. You will not regret it I promise you!!!

Kyrene S.

Hadn’t been able to play basketball for over 1 year because of pain in my Achilles’ tendon. I had seen podiatrists and physical therapists with no relief. Dr Bruce got me back on the court in a matter of weeks.

Michael B.

I wasn't a believer in Chiropractor's. Being treated by Dr. Resnick and his staff has definitely  changed my opinion. I've learned many things why I have the pain I have. I would highly recommend Complete Chiropractic Care.

Michael R.

Dr. Bruce and staff are amazing! You will get the best care here! His approach to spine health is refreshing and makes so much sense. He is big on posture and we all can use that constant reminder of that. He even makes sure my kids are aware of their poor posture and gives them helpful tips on how to have better spine health! Which they actually listen to since its someone besides myself telling them to sit up strait!

Regan W. 

Dr. Bruce and the staff at Complete Chiropractic are amazing at what they do and they all are very friendly. Iv been going there for 4 years now and not once have I ever had a bad experience.

Kevin W.

Doctor Bruce genuinely wants to help you feel better. He and his staff all have great attitudes and will listen to you. I’ve watched patients come and go through his office and he has a relationship with each one. He’ll take the time to explore the cause of your pain and will make sure you avoid any unnecessary visits. I’d recommend Complete Chiropractic Care to anyone and everyone

Matt F.

Best chiropractor in the valley! The entire staff is always friendly and extremely  professional.

Clayton C.

Back in March 2020, I hurt my back and it lasted for over 3 weeks. I was in so much pain that I thought it was something I was going to need surgery for. Dr. Resnick kept reassuring me it would pass, as he kept asking me for specific questions to see if it was something else. In the beginning, I went in on a Thursday and he actually texted me on Sat morning to see how I was doing, that is how bad I was when I went in. I told him I was in a lot of pain and he actually opened his office for an hour to treat me. It did pass, just like he said and I will forever be grateful.He cares about his patients.

Santiago V.

Everyone is sooo nice and accommodating! I always had to bring my baby with me and they would help me watch her so I could get my adjustments. They go above and beyond for their patients!!

Tricia C. 

Dr Bruce knows just what to do to make my neck and back feel good. His staff of techs do a great job preparing me for my adjustments as well. If you need a chiropractor go see Bruce! 

Kim L.

The best Chiropractic team in the East Valley by far!! Knowledgeable and caring therapists and Dr. Bruce is amazing!!

Sarah K.

Dr.   Bruce his been my chiropractor for over 20 yrs. when I first met him my neck was pretty bad. I couldn’t turn my head and it was very painful. After a few adjustments I realized that I was improving. 20 yrs later I still go regularly to get a “tune up”  I love this guy!!! Changed my life. I don’t know how people survive without a good Chiropractor in their lives. Needless to say Complete Chiropractic Care professional,  friendly, and comprehensive care for my whole family!!

Paul K.

Dr.Bruce has straightened out my sciatic problem, and a number of other issues with my neck and hips.  He also had me work on my posture also, and now all I need is a follow up maintenance

Jim S.

I’ve been to a few other chiropractors before. Honestly surprised by how much you get out of office! What you get here in one visit you’d be like to have in 3 visits somewhere else.He is so attentive to each patients specific needs. He doesn’t over adjust you like some chiropractors do. He fixes just what needs fixed and he is also super funny which a bonus.His staff is amazing. They are all friendly and everyone at this office genuinely cares about their patients and remembers them like they’re old friends. Kinda mad I didn’t go here sooner!!

Gabrielle M.

I have been a patient here for about a year now.  Dr. Bruce has helped relieve my back pain and is also fixing my posture.  The whole staff is so nice and friendly always greeting me with a smile.  They play cool music and have a really great vibe overall.

Rob L.

Dr. Bruce Resnik and his staff are amazing. He is extremely skilled in his knowledge of the  human body and how posture/alignment affects your entire body function. I highly recommend Complete Chiropractic Care

Heather M.

Dr. Resnick and his staff are awesome! I always feel great upon leaving his office. I have been coming to his office since 2011.

Milos P.

Dr Bruce and his staff are very knowledgeable as well as personable. Dr B welcomes every patient and sets up treatment prior to seeing them for adjustments. Adjustments are explained and administered effortlessly. Complete Chiropractic Care is one happy family!

Joseph  C.
Dr. Bruce and his staff are amazing.  It’s a very friendly place and well run.  Bruce is great at helping you realize what you are doing incorrectly, and is most likely causing you to have your pain and issues.  He understands how to help you solve the issue you are having.  No masking the issue with with pills or burning nerves.  Real answers for real results.  The best part about my car accident was that by God’s grace it lead me to. Dr. Bruce and the Complete Chiropractic Care team.

Todd H.
Dr. Bruce Resnick is an amazing chiropractor. I have been seeing him for over a year now and he has dramatically decreased my back and neck pain. He will always take the time to answer any questions you may have. His team is extremely polite and professional every time  I walk into his office. Thank you Dr. Bruce for all you do for me and your other patients.

Chelsie C.

I have been coming to Dr. Bruce's office for around a year now. We started off with once a week sessions, but have gradually decreased to monthly adjustment. I must say, he is a life changer. Between dirt biking and roller derby, I put my body through a lot. Dr. Bruce and his team keep the pain away. If I have a bad wreck, they are always accommodating and able to get me in sooner to getting me feeling better. Thank you to the entire team at Complete Chiropractic Care!

Bethany C.
The atmosphere was one of caring as soon as I walked in. The front desk was very helpful in starting the process. When I saw Dr. Resnick, he could tell where my major problems area were by just having me stand normally. He was spot on! My back has been feeling better right after treatment #1. With the exercises and treatments, I am almost where I want to be. Glad I went to Dr. Resnick first. He is a personable doctor who knows his stuff.

Darrin H.

My daughter Leeann & I love Dr. Bruce & his staff. Everyone is warm, kind & friendly. We receive great customer service & quality care every time. There is no one else we would go to for our Complete Chiropractic Care. I just can't say enough good things...If you're not going to Dr. Bruce you're not getting the best. Love, Love, Love..

Beth K.

The best Chiropractic center I've been to. I called the office when one day my lower back was so painful, that my son asked me if I was laughing or crying. Honestly it hurt so much I wasn't sure what I was doing either. I went in there hardly able to walk, sit or do anything and when I left I was much better. I went 3-4 times that week to get it fully taken care of and away I went. I have never seen a doctor that could remember what/where you needed work without looking at the file first. They know you by name and you really are someone to them not just their pay check. Hard to find that in any medical service these days. Thank you and I would truly recommend Complete Chiropractic Care!

Monica W.

I've been going to Dr. Bruce for the past 15 years! I love how personable he is and how much he genuinely cares for the health of his clients! His staff is super friendly and always make me feel welcome and at ease!

Melonie V.

Dr. Bruce and his crew are great. They treat everyone as if they are the most important patient even when there are other patients around. Dr Bruce treated me for a really bad back. I could hardly move and through Dr. Bruce's plan of care I was able to move freely in less than 24 hours. I whole heartedly endorse Dr Bruce and Complete Chiropractic Care for anyone in need of a competent Chiropractor.

Kayla F.

I have been going to Dr Bruce for quite some time now. The office employees are very competent and friendly. Dr Bruce takes the time needed to care for your needs. There has not been, even once that I have left his office feeling that my needs were not met. During the follow-up appointment, he always asks how I did since the last appointment and if there are any new concerns. It is always an enjoyable experience while at Dr Bruce's office. I have recommended him to a couple of my friends hoping they will give him the opportunity to make them feel better. I have never been made to feel that I have to return for more appointments, he has left that decision up to me. However, he does recommend what follow-ups may be needed, but without any pressure. I have recommended Dr Bruce, and will continue to recommend him to anyone I know. If the opportunity arises.

Paula S.

I went for years with intermittent back pain from an injury. It would go away but then when I worked physically for a while I could tell the spasms were about to return and when they did it was horrific... down to the ground in pain. The big problem was the fear of work and or finding new work and passing physicals to get the job(s).It wasn't until about a year ago that I went to Dr. Bruce Resnick's Complete Chiropractic Care and it's fixed completely. I go back every 45 days or so just as maintenance and I don't have any issues at all any longer. My neck can crane left and right all the way back like an owl nearly.. something I didn't even notice I wasn't able to do until it was fixed. There we several other issues that were fixed up as well that I had just accepted as part of getting old. It's so nice to know that these things aren't something you accept; they are something you get Bruce to fix. (grin)

Carl M.

My family and I LOVE Dr. Bruce and everyone in his office! We feel like he really listens to us and creates a care plan based on our needs! His entire staff is super friendly and helpful. My two year old daughter just got her first adjustment and seems to love the office as well :)

Jennifer G.

Dr. Bruce and his staff are the most friendliest group of folks you'll ever meet. They are incredibly accommodating to my ever changing schedule. Dr. Bruce and his staff work hard to make you comfortable and pain free. Dr. Bruce knows most of the time just by looking at my walk or how I hold my head exactly where I hurt and what is out of place. I had two pregnancy's back to back with little down time between and that has left my hips in a bad way. They tend to pop in and out and can cause me to walk like I'm 90 and not so spry. After a visit with Dr. Bruce I am back to walking like a normal 40 year old and feeling much better. In addition to my hips Dr. Bruce coaches me on proper posture, as I sit for 8-10 hours a day in front of a computer. I am not the best patient, but I do try to keep up what he has taught me. I would never think of going anywhere else but Dr. Bruce. He not only helps me but my entire family. Thank you Dr. Bruce and Staff!

Deena K.

Just started going this week. Great experience. Wonderful office/therapeutic staff. Very friendly. Dr. Bruce explains it all and I am feeling great.

Tanya M.

Dr. Resnick is amazing. I came to him with bad posture and a bad ankle. Today, my posture is better and my ankle is able to withstand long runs in beautiful Arizona. The staff is also very friendly. The front staff went to bat for me when my insurance would not play their part. I always feel welcomed and never rushed. Most importantly, I am treated with respect and care.

K Bear.

I went to Dr. Bruce with a really sore neck. I couldn't look sideways without major discomfort. My daughter referred me to Dr. Bruce. After just a couple of visits my neck and back are almost near 100%. What a relief!! To find a chiropractic that is awesome is wonderful. I highly recommend Dr Bruce and the people that work for him. They are all great!


I've been to many chiropractors over the years. Some have been good and some not so good. What makes Dr Resnick a great chiropractor is that he genuinely cares about the well being of his patients. He knows what he's doing and is easy to talk to. I never feel rushed, even if he is seeing me at closing time. His receptionist, Monica, is very friendly and helpful and the therapy staff is awesome. If you've had a bad experience with chiropractors or never tried one, you should give Dr Resnick a shot.

Brian H.

I have just starting going to Dr. Resnick, but I have enjoyed my time there. The staff is all very friendly and is willing to explain in detail what is happening. (For me this is important) Dr. seems like he understands what he does really well and cares about the patients and their progress. I'd recommend him.

Kristy W.

The office staff and therapy assistants are awesome. They are a caring group and work to ail your pain. Dr Bruce has assisted me with tendonitis issues and other health problems. He has a great array of herbal and natural products to assist in overall well being. I am very glad that my wife introduced me to the practice of Dr Resnick.

Neal J.

Dr. Bruce is amazing. He's helped me a lot. I'm so glad complete chiropractic is available. The whole staff are wonderful people and very proficient. I recommend Dr. Bruce to my family and friends.

Veronica H.

Having never been to a chiropractor before, I was a little apprehensive about going to one. I used to handle bodily injury claims and adjusters always fear the chiropractor. Well, Dr. Bruce and his awesome staff convinced me that chiropractors can be a major asset in your overall well being. Dr. Bruce knows his job very well. He knows how to help, and does it in a way that makes you feel as though you are his top priority. He engages you in conversation when he is seeing you, and he always checks to see how things are going with you. He takes the time to get to know things about you, and then relates to your interests. Luckily for me, we had a few things in common that we were able to talk about during my visits. I would recommend him to anyone that was looking for an awesome chiropractor. As an added bonus, Dr. Bruce has the best staff members and therapists working in his office. I had the pleasure of treating with several of them over the course of my treatment.

Brian B.

I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Resnick. I have utilized the services of chiropractors over the year and few seem to understand the true correlation between health and the wellness of your body. Aches and pains do not always come from where you may think and Dr. Resnick has proven the ability to look beyond the normal aches and pains and work with the patient to solve the situation at hand and look toward long term solutions.

Steve M.

Dr. Bruce is the best chiropractor around! I have been seeing him for almost 10 years and he helped get me completely off my preventative and treatment migraine medications. I now just go once a month for maintenance. He also helped with my back/hip alignment during my pregnancy which helped a ton with both my pregnancy aches/pains and having a successful delivery! He gets to know his patients and makes you feel like family. I recommend him to everyone I know!

Kristin P.

I have been seeing Dr. Bruce for several years now. He is always very thorough. I leave the office put back together each time I visit! His office staff is always very friendly and outgoing. They care about me as a person, not just a patient.

Lisa J.

I have been seeing Dr. Bruce Resnick for 5 years now. I first saw him for a sore back caused by tight muscles and he was able to help me get back to being active quickly. He is professional and fun. I continued to see him even after I moved away from the immediate area he is worth the drive.

Jen W.

My family has been going to Dr. Bruce for more than 4 years, it all started with my 6th grader having terrible back pain. After a few visits he had her fixed up and we have all been going regularly ever since. He is awesome and the staff is amazing!!

Pete S.

Awesome experience. Dr. Bruce knows what he is talking about. I have been seeing him for over two years since I threw my back out. And every time I reaggravate it he knows right how to fix it.

David H.

Amazing simply amazing. I started going to Dr. Bruce when I couldn't turn my head. he fixed that. now I am seeing him for an injury I received from a car collision. The guy just has this innate intuition with the musculoskeletal system. "Yep that's what wrong" is a common phrase from him. And you can expect the same care from his staff. No one better in the Valley.

Corey F.

Dr. Bruce and his staff are top notch!! I've been to many doctors and chiropractors over the years for my back pain and finally found the best care around! Before you think about getting steroid and epidural shots to ease your pain (these will never fix the problem), go see Dr. Bruce! His outstanding care and genuine concern for all his patients will help to heal you more than any drugs will. I will never go anywhere else for my chiropractic care!

Barbara D.

Have been seeing Dr. Bruce for over 10 years for chiropractic maintenance of my spine. He is always cheerful and attentive. He not only provides the necessary chiropractic care but analyzes your life habits to help you improve your health and how you feel from day to day. He's a caring health provider and has had a positive impact on my own health.

Jay K.

My family and I have been treated by Dr Bruce for the past 12 years. He has helped us through many aches and injuries. I wouldn't trust my good health to anyone else!

Wendy F.

Dr Bruce and the entire staff is always so welcoming and professional. My wife and I have been going to Dr Bruce for several years and have high confidence not only in his treatments but his advice and counsel on improving our over health.

David B.

The staff at this office are very friendly and caring people. Every time I walk out of the office I feel better than when I went in. Dr. Resnick is very informative of chiropractic issues and treats the cause as well. Highly recommended if you are looking for a chiropractor in Gilbert!

Jason S.

Dr Bruce is the best Chiropractor here in Arizona. I had neck pain and he helped me. He really cares about his patients. I highly recommend him.

Matt R.

Dr. Bruce is a great chiropractor. He knows my needs and is always very personable. I'd recommend him to anyone with an issue that can be helped by chiropractic!

Bruce L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bruce for approximately 10 years and he has helped me tremendously with back, neck, shoulder problems. I would highly recommend him and his services to anyone seeking help!!!

Don B.

Most reliable care and support in the valley! Highly recommend for the former athlete. Doctor Bruce Resnick is the expert you want to see. Five stars

Chris V.

Back is feeling much better after just a few treatments.

Kendra M.

I just switched to this office from another Chiropractor. I love Dr Bruce and his staff. They are all so friendly and professional. My neck feels great after going in today. I can't wait for my next visit.

Lori G.

Best place to go for Chiropractic care!  Dr. Bruce and his staff are great at what they do.  I have been coming since I moved to Arizona 6 years ago.   They have been essential to my ongoing preventive care.  Monica is always willing to help get me an appointment even at the last minute.  And it is a fun place to be.  I always get great service and great conversation. . I love this place.

Jen W.

I met Dr Bruce in 2014 when my previous back injury flared up and I had been in great pain for weeks. It was not getting better and I was really suffering. He and his caring staff got me well and relieved my pain in just a matter of weeks. I recently revisited CCC when I over did it and messed up my back again. I was better in just 2 visits and I know that I can count on Dr Bruce and his staff to improve my quality of life without fail. I originally thought that after my injury I would be burdened with extreme pain and a poor quality of life going forward. It is such a comfort to know that as I age and find that I can't do all of the things that I use to, that I can count on CCC to take good care of me... even when I do not.

Bill B.

I have been coming to Complete Chiropractic Care for about 4 years.  Dr. Bruce always greets me with a big smile and happy to see me.  He has been able to help me through periodic pain issues and also an episode of vertigo. Dr. Bruce encourages better posture and correct methods to improve the ability of life.   He is energetic and is highly motivated to encourage each person to make better choices.  He is personable in asking about my family.  He accepts walk-ins, which helps me out when I need to see him.

 Deb O.

Dr Bruce and his staff are always so accommodating and wonderful! My husband had a compression injury in his back that had been bothering him for years.... a few visits with Dr Bruce and his team and he was like a new man. The comprehensive treatments we receive at Complete Chiropractic keep us healthy and pain free. From Monica always being on top of scheduling and so kindly calling us to remind us of appointments and making any changes needed, to Heidi's wonderful massages, Peter, Elliott, and Melanie's great care in the treatment room, and Dr Bruce's skilled and yet gentle hands...we couldn't ask for a better team. Thank you for all you do!!

Jessica L.

I have been going to Dr. Bruce for many years. I have a job that causes lots of stress on my back, neck, shoulders and hips.  He and his amazing staff have been able to help me with many acute problems and now I go for regular maintenance appointments.  They have been able to work with me with insurance and for a time when I was without insurance.  I have recommended them to family and friends and will continue to do so.

Terri U.

I have been seeing Dr. Bruce for about 10 years. I initially started seeing him for migraines and within a few months of seeing him, I was able to completely get off my prescription meds for them. Since then, I have continued seeing him about once a month for maintenence visits. He has also helped with my back and hip alignment during two pregnancies, which I strongly believe helped me carry and deliver two healthy large babies without problem. I am a RN and was always super skeptical of chiropractics until I saw the results myself. Dr. Bruce really is one of a kind. The office manager, Monica, and the rest of the staff treat you like family and are very professional and kind. They work great with my insurance company. The massage therapist there is excellent too. Can't say enough good things!

Kristin P.

I have been seeing Dr. Bruce for several years and have experienced excellent treatment for my chronic neck and should pain.  He is very enthusiastic and truly cares about your health and quality of life.  I especially like the friendly and cheerful office staff who make you feel like family.  Highly recommend!

Michelle B.

Dr. Bruce, Monica and team have assisted me on numerous occasions over the past couple of years with a recurring lower back problem.  When my ortho surgeon suggested I try spinal decompression for a bulging disc prior to some very difficult surgery I did and it WORKED great.  Now I go in every couple of months just to get a tune up and adjustment and it feels 1000x better.  Granted it is a busy office with loads going on but Dr. Bruce spends all the time I need on each visit carefully listening to me then giving me his expert opinion.  Monica does a great job in the front office reminding me the night before each visit as I oft times forget even if it is on my cell phone. I've already recommended Complete Chiropractic and Dr. Bruce to friends and relatives, especially when they are suffering with lower back issues.

James C.

Great office, great staff.  Have been coming to see Dr. Bruce since 2005.  Very friendly atmosphere.  When my back went out, within a couple weeks he had relieved my pain.

Diana M.

Dr. Bruce and the staff at CCC are the best, I highly recommend them to everyone!  I've been a regular for just over 2 years now, and without their continued care and expert treatment I know I would have constant pain in my lower back and hips.  I was having severe issues with several lower disks when I found this wonderful place - and they eased my pain WITHOUT pills and injections!  The decompression table is amazing - you don't find this piece of equipment at most other chiropractic offices, but Dr. Bruce has his very own and I am so thankful for that and rest of the treatment plan he has me on!  Dr. Bruce and the entire staff are devoted to improving the quality of your life and they truly succeed!

Barbara D.

I've been a patient with Dr. Bruce for ~15 years. I keep coming back because he always treats his patients with kindness, professional care, and with some fun thrown in. No stuffy office and staff here. He's always jovial and makes each visit a pleasure. His staff compliments his practice and they do a great job too. I truly feel Dr. Bruce takes the time to not only provide whatever in-office care is needed, but advises on posture and other subjects to improve your overall health.

Jay K.

I have been going to Complete Chiropractic for about 6 years know and I have my wife going know we love the care we get from DR Bruce, The staff is fantastic Monica will do ever thing to make your appointments easy they all treat you like family DR Bruce is by far the best Chiropractor in the valley, You won't be disappointed.

Lowell C.

This rave review is long overdue! I was raised in a household that was "anti-chiropractics." Why? I don't know. Dr. Bruce gave me my life back. Complete (or better described as comprehensive) chiropractic care was and continues to be my experience with them. When I arrived, I couldn't stand, sit, sleep, pick up my new born child. I was told by many medical professionals I'd never run again - that back surgery was in my near future. I showed up with my tail between my legs as a last resort. Working closely with Dr. Bruce and his staff, I have my life back AND MORE! I am forever in debt to them for their diligence and constant coaching to get me to be a healthier and stronger person than ever before. It is with great honor and a privilidge that I give them my highest regard!

Joni P.

Awesome!! I have never received such good service, care and attention like I have experienced with Dr. Bruce and his staff. I was not moving well and getting worse, with extreme sciatica nerve pain and several muscle spams. Recommended by a friend at work, she knew what she was talking about. A couple of visits and treatments and I was back to becoming normal. Fun group, I enjoy going and will continue to go for good measure. Pay it forward...I recommended Dr. Bruce to another friend!

Kim A.

I've been going to Dr. Bruce for over 7 years and I would not go anywhere else.  He is dedicated to understanding his patients needs and gets to know you personally.  He will always treat you like family.  He's a great Doctor and a pretty cool guy boot!  I tried another chiropractor a long time ago and he did nothing but see how many bones he could crack.  Dr Bruce will never do that, he focuses on a real treatment plan not just on adjustments.  He cares about your overall health and well being not just your back. There is truly nowhere else I'd rather go!

Carissa S.

I have been going to Dr. Bruce for a long time.  One of his first patients.  He keeps me healthy and answers all my health questions. His staff is very friendly and helpful.  I will be going to him for as long as he is practicing.

Paula R.

I have been seeing Dr. Bruce for quite a few years now. Beginning with back pain from working at a desk for years with poor posture, Dr. Bruce was able to get me to have much better posture, and although he couldn't get me out of a desk job, the work of him and his staff at his office has been great for my physical health and well being. 
I've also been treated by Dr. Bruce due to a couple auto accidents, he was my first stop and with his help I always ended up coming out of them in tip top shape with no lingering issues.
I highly recommend Complete Chiropractic Care, I have referred friends and co-workers to their office.
The best place to go If you need any type of chiropractic care. They also now offer an amazing therapeutic healing massage.
Stop in and check them out, I can guarantee you'll be thankful you chose Complete Chiropractic Care.

 Jean  R.

Dr. Bruce and his staff are great!  They treat my whole family including my parents.  He shows great concern for your overall health and explains how a problem in one area can lead to problems elsewhere.  You can also tell they are really interested in helping you and not just trying to get you in and out the door and move on to the next client.

John P.

Dr. Bruce and his staff are excellent. They take care of your specific needs.  I initially went to him after a fall off a horse and a rear end car wreck. My neck hurt and I couldn't turn it.  I was amazed how I was able to get back to normal quickly. Then more recently I had sciatic issues that caused every step to hurt.  Dr. Bruce was able to get me out of pain very quickly.  I always look forward to my appointments as it feels like extended family to me.

Diana S.

Dr. Bruce and his staff are friendly, personable and professional. Dr. Bruce's exuberance and energy makes Complete Chiropractic Care a fun place to visit. I've been dealing with painful lower back and neck issues for several years and Dr. Bruce helped alleviate the pain and is keeping me on track for an active and healthy life. I have complete confidence in Complete Chiropractic Care and highly recommend Dr. Bruce to anyone seeking an effective chiropractic experience.

John S.

Dr. Bruce and his staff are an absolute pleasure to work with. They have a beautiful facility that is always clean. 
I went to see Dr. Bruce because of his 20+ years of experience to see if he could help with an issue in my hip. He definitely did way more than any other doctor to help figure out the issue and while we are still working on my hip, it feels better and functions better than at any other point in the last 6 years.

Michael C.

Dr. Bruce and staff are awesome!!! Always very accommodating and friendly. Dr. Bruce helped me with lower back pain and migraine and now I'm feeling better than ever!!! Everyone over at Complete Chiropractic Care is awesome!

Sara R.

Dr. Bruce is the best! I had slipped discs in my lower back. He got me back to walking better and feeling much better. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Jacob B.

Dr. Bruce has been there for me since I've moved to Arizona 5 years ago.  His staff is friendly and always do a great job in fulfilling my needs.  Dr. Bruce has helped me recover whenever my back has given me issues.  I highly recommend him and his staff for any chiropractic needs you have.

Tom N.

I've been having radiating pain in my right arm and pain in my lower back for quite a while.  I'm from Canada and spend my winters in Mesa AZ.  I can usually tolerate the pain until I get back to Canada to see my Chiropractor.  However, this year the pain got to the point where I couldn't manage it.  I got Dr. Bruce's info from another Canadian in the park I live in.  I made an appointment and went for a consultation.  I have never in my life had a consult like the one Dr. Bruce gave me.  Even my own Chiropractor in Canada never did a thorough examine from the get-go. 
Dr. Bruce and his staff are professionals all the way.  After my first treatment, I got a call from Monica asking how I was doing....  WHAT???  I have never had a follow up phone call to ask if I was OK. Peter, Jessie and Melanie are pros at making the clients feel comfortable.  I'm feeling much better and with a couple of more visits before I head back to Canada, I should be almost 100%.
BTW, I'll be looking for another Chiropractor when I get back to Canada.....  Too bad I couldn't take Complete Chiropractic Care with me.....

Diana M.

I've been going to Dr. Bruce for the past 16 years!! He is extremely knowledgeable and unlike any other chiropractor I've ever known, he actually listens to what you say and takes time to know what's going on in your world as it relates to your back and health in general! I love going to his office because I know that from the front door, to the physical therapy area, and Dr. Bruce himself I'm going to be treated so well!!

Melonie V.

Wow-as a patient of Dr Bruce Resnick's for the past 14 years and someone who works in healthcare, I can say with complete certainly that Dr Bruce and his staff are truly as good as they get! You do not just feel like a patient but are treated like family and as someone with individualized needs. You never feel like you are being rushed through. All staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and accommodating to the patient. Not only does Dr Bruce care for your back and spine, but he cares about the rest of your health needs as well. Dr Bruce is so thorough and takes the time to get to know you as a real person and to assess your other medical needs, oftentimes in a much more thorough manner than is received from other providers. I highly recommend Dr Bruce and Complete Chiropractic Care. I have never had a less than stellar experience there in 14 years! Additionally, I have never had a painful visit. I feel so much better after each visit-both in my spine health and my overall health in general. They are wonderful about getting you in quickly for urgent situations as well. My kids have been receiving adjustments by Dr Bruce since they were a couple weeks old and 4 years later, they love getting their backs adjusted. He is wonderful with all ages. Dr Bruce and staff inspire their patients to become healthier and happier people and this is achieved by taking the time to listen to their patients, to provide holistic care, and to maintain trusting, long-lasting relationships with their patients. You can feel confident you are in great hands here and getting the best care possible! I have yet to meet another healthcare provider/Dr who meets or exceeds the quality level of care, professionalism, and compassion that you will find here. Truly remarkable! I feel so grateful to be a patient here!

Heidi N.

I have been a patient at Complete Chiropractic Care for the last 12 years and have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of this business!!! My treatments have been of the best quality and results. Office staff are extremely friendly and courteous. Would highly recommend to everyone in need of this care.

Don B.

Suffered for nine months with severe back pain. Saw Dr. Bruce on the recommendation of a friend. His evaluation was thorough and spot on. Hi treatment over Atwood week period was totally, effective. I'm in follow-up now and have had no back pain for a week. Staff is great.

Larry W.

If a person like myself was in a car accident going 50 mph and was struck by another truck going through a stop sign without stopping, then Dr. Bruce Resnick is the only Doctor to see in the state of Arizona! If you live out of town and someone is able to drive you to the best Chiropractic in the state, then you need to come too Complete Chiropractic Care in Gilbert, AZ. Not only the doctor is on your side of being healed in a proper time and management, but the staff is the kindness people I have ever met! Some Chiropractic offices only are concerned about how much money you will be spending to keep their lights on and so forth, but this complete care is what it's all about! The Doctor and Staff, truly care and are there for all of your needs. If you want someone just close to your home and do not care about wasting your time and not getting the full respect that you seek, then go somewhere else! If you want personal guided therapy, the best Chiropractor in AZ, along with a great staff who will work with you and they never forget who you are, then please give them a try. I had seen other doctors in this field and all I have to say is that I could have just took all the money I had spent and threw it out the window! I will continue to see Dr. Bruce until I die or he retires. There is nobody that is more qualified and concerned about your well being than he and his staff and for that reason, I hope to always feel the trust and I know I will always have the best in care!!!

Steve K.

The staff are the best!  Very knowledgeable and courteous.  I have been going to Dr. Bruce for over 10 years.  I have multiple sclerosis and a cancer survivor and he keeps me going without pain!  I would highly recommend this place to everyone, and have!

Cindy N.

This is the best chiropractic care office that I have ever seen.  Dr. Bruce and the entire staff are so very professional and have a lot of fun together.  They just seem to connect with each other and know what each staff member is doing.  I have had great relief in just 3 days for sacroiliac inflammation.  Dr. Bruce's consultations are fabulous and he explains everything so well and does not mix messages so that his patients are ever in doubt.  I have seen the office very crowded each time that I have been there which tells me that everyone loves him and trusts his care.  I will continue to see him while I am in Arizona.  Now, I just hope to find someone even half as good as him as I go back to Minnesota. Thank you, thank you

Nancy S.

I have been going to Dr. Bruce for several years now.  I have had low back pain for years which has basically disappeared under his care.  I went also for tendinitis in my right elbow after an injury and that was short lived under his care as well.  The staff their is wonderful, Monica keeps everything moving smoothly, Peter and Melanie in the back are awesome!  Heidi gives an outstanding massage as their massage therapist!  I have referred friends and family and they have all had great outcomes as well. Complete Chiropractic is a great office and I now drive since I moved a half hour with no traffic to get there and would drive farther if needed to be under their care.

Tracey B.

Dr. Bruce and his staff are AWESOME! He has been our family chiropractor for almost 8 years. I would not trust anyone else.. They are always so friendly, professional and caring. It is truly a practice that has become a family.

Michelle E.

I came to Dr. Bruce a bit over a year ago (2014).  I had been living with a situation in my back since 2007.  I had injured my back but it would only cease up and send me to the ground in shooting pain every couple months, so I lived with it. (Looking back it was crazy stupid but I didn't know better).
For 7 years I dealt with that feeling that my back was getting close to being 'overworked' and the smallest movement in the wrong direction would send me screaming to the ground no matter where I happen to be standing.
Well.... in I walk to Dr. Bruce's office and I've never had the issue again.  I didn't even remember being able to turn my head all the way around like I can now.  I go back regularly for maintenance so that I don't end up like I had before.  I can notice the upkeep making and keeping me feeling wonderful.
It has been SOOOO worth the time going in and seeing Dr. Bruce.  That.. and he's about the funniest doctor you're ever going to meet.

Carl M.

We love Dr Bruce and all his staff. I see Dr Bruce and his massage therapist and absolutely love all of them. They are always professional and go out of their way to ensure we are happy and healthy. My children love this office as well. I have been going for over a year now and would not recommend any other office.

Lori G.

My entire family sees Dr Bruce Resnick and his amazing staff. His attentiveness to your entire wellness is what keeps us coming back.  We are a fairly active family and have had minor injuries here or there but Dr B always gets us back on the road to recovery! We have recommended him to many family and friends.

Andrea P.

I've been going to Complete Chiropractic since February, after fracturing my neck in a car accident back in August. The difference in my flexibility, pain levels, and general comfort are enormous, and much of that is due to Dr. Bruce and his awesome staff. They're extremely helpful when it comes to scheduling and will do their best to fit you in when convenient for you, even if they have to end lunch a little early to do so. Can't even recommend shopping around for another chiropractor when this place is here!

Tyler E.

A great office! Staff is super friendly and accommodating! Doc Bruce has a great demeanor and treats everyone like family. A great chiropractor! Great supportive office of preventative care and nutrition! Been a long time client!

Cindy P.

I am a fan of Dr. Bruce and his entire staff.  They are all welcoming, positive and willing to teach and assist the patients.  Due to a prior experience I was terrified to return to a chiropractor.  Dr. Bruce assured me he would help me and he has.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks.  If only all physicians were as energetic and personable as Dr. Bruce and his staff.

Darla M.

From the first day I walked into this office, I knew I came to the right place.  Dr. Bruce could tell where my pain was by just looking at me and having me walk down the hallway and back.
He will put you on a routine at home and his staff does wonders at the office.  Very friendly staff. I am almost on a maintenance plan now but will go back whenever the need arises.
Thank you.

Darrin H.

Dr. Bruce is the first chiropractor I have ever been to and will be the only one I ever see. His help with my posture is relieving by back pain issues. The staff is the best! I also recommend a massage from Heidi.

Curtis M.

Dr. Bruce is awesome! My entire family sees him, and every single one of us enjoy it. He doesn't only help with chiropractic problems, but helps you with any other health problems! The staff is extremely friendly, and cares very much about their patients. The office is always clean and welcoming. Dr. Bruce puts off positive vibes, and makes the office somewhere you enjoy being. I always recommend him to anyone who is having back or neck pain.

Kara Z.

I've never had chiropractic care before; but when I hurt my back last week moving furniture I knew I needed to find someone to help me. Thank goodness I found Dr. Bruce. After 1 week my pain is gone, and I feel great! The office is clean and up to date, the staff is all amazing and Dr Bruce certainly knows his  stuff! If you're looking for a great chiropractor, look no farther!

Tamara R.

I have been going to Dr. Bruce for about 15 yrs.  He is the only Chiropractor I have ever seen.  Why mess with perfection.  He is very knowledgeable, friendly and fun.  The rest of the staff is just as good.

Christine W.

I have been seeing Dr. Bruce for over 10 years for all of my chiropractic needs. Having visited a number of other chiropractors before meeting Dr. Bruce I can say definitively that he is the best! A number of factors that contribute to this bold statement -  beyond Dr. Bruce's extensive knowledge and expertise in his field, he is a genuinely awesome person! Every visit he asks about and cares about - YOU! He asks how you've been, if anything hurts, how business is going, how my family is just don't get this kind of personal connection with other chiropractors, believe me. After years of power lifting, bodybuilding, ect., my lower back and neck have had their issues. After every adjustment with Dr. Bruce I leave feeling amazing! The pain in my lower back and neck are relieved, I can breathe with less effort and strain, and I feel a general sense of well being. Monica is a sweetheart and ALWAYS greets everyone as they come in with a genuine smile and a hello! Hands down, Dr. Bruce and Complete Chiropractic is the obvious choice for anyone looking for professional chiropractic care with a highly personalized experience.

Jordan P.

Dr Bruce and Monica make a wonderful team. Monica, always the professional, friendly, helpful person who makes you feel right at home. Dr Bruce, always knows you and about you, performs great work to make you feel so much better, sometimes more than you first realize. Been seeing Dr Bruce for several years, worth the few extra miles to see him frequently. Highly recommend them.

David B.

I had my first visit yesterday---Monica was so helpful and friendly.  Dr. Bruce did a thorough exam, explained what he was doing and why, took some x-rays and told me to come back in 2 days to review x-rays and start a treatment plan.  I am optimistic that he is going to help me a lot   By the way, the office environment was upbeat and fun.

Kay L.

Words cannot express the gratitude for the way I feel now.  I went into Dr Bruce's office after going through years of treatment, shots, surgery, pain killers, ect., tried it all.  After three months with treatments and education from Dr Bruce and his staff, I am pain free and felling wonderful.  The office atmosphere gives you a feeling of being with friends you have known for a long time. The last doctor I saw before seeing Dr Bruce recommended surgery, I am so fortunate to have found Dr Bruce.  Thank you, I feel great

Sandra A.

Great office, great staff.  Have been coming to see Dr. Bruce since 2005.  Very friendly atmosphere. When my back went out, within a couple weeks he had relieved my pain.

Diane M.